Guigoz Fauteuil

22 April 2016
Guigoz Livre
22 April 2016

Guigoz Fauteuil

  • TaskLigne de cadeaux promotionnels pour la Boutique Felix


Promotional product: kids’ armchair, distributed in drugstores


• Replacing the iconic Guigoz rabbit plush offered in the drugstore network, by an event gift that has a high perceived value, to the pharmacist as well as to the mother
• Allowing pharmacists to drive their sales through a “turnkey” contest


• Strong visual impact and respect of the brand colors
• The promotional gift must be a break with the type of gifts usually offered in drugstores
• Compliance with the furniture and flammability standards.

Dakota’s strategy & actions:

• Creating a mini club chair, especially designed for toddlers
• Fully customized chair with the Guigoz colors. Made in France. Challenge met!