Captain Tortue

22 April 2016
22 April 2016

Captain Tortue

  • TaskLigne de cadeaux promotionnels pour la Boutique Felix

Captain Tortue

Promotional product: children’s watches / teenagers’ watch


• Finding a summer gift for children available in 2 different colors
• Creating a gift which perceived value will be high enough to induce a new purchase during customers/hostesses sales meetings (Captain Tortue is a direct sales clothing company)


• The gift must be light and compact to facilitate its insertion to/into the customer’s final package
• The promotional gift must be attractive to both girls and boys.

Dakota’s strategy & actions:

• Creation of quality watches, available in orange or blue for a modern look that suits any gender
• Extra: can-like packaging that can be reused as a piggy bank or a pencil pot. The packaging is made of aluminum and is therefore very light.