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Guigoz Livre
22 April 2016
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22 April 2016
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Dakota cadeau publicitaire entreprise objets publicitaires_objet publicitaire Lyon etude de cas hansaplast pochettes
  • TaskLigne de cadeaux promotionnels pour la Boutique Felix


Promotional product: First-aid set


• Creating a concept of first-aid set, that can be sold in supermarkets
• Showcasing the HANSAPLAST brand and its partner the FRENCH RED CROSS


• The set must be large enough to contain a range of HANSAPLAST first-aid products
• The brand must be clearly visible on the supermarket shelves, and the products included in the first-aid pack must be easily recognizable
• Compulsory presence of both logos
• Creating “a break” with what existed on the first-aid set market before, to induce an impulse purchase
• Ensuring the set’s inviolability

Dakota’s strategy & actions

• Reproduce the RED CROSS moneybox’s shape
• Both logos printed on the front part + Hansaplast logo on top
• 2 sides made of clear PVC to see the content
• 2 zipper sliders to put a tamper-resistant plastic seal