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25 August 2017

What we propose you:

A customizable gift card in order to your customers discover the Boogybook.

Develop a new promotional action, stricking and dematerialized, perfect to increase your sales and your CRM*!

* CRM (Customer Relationship Management) = data collection and analysis customers and marketing operations The goal is to optimize the quality of the customer relationship, to develop loyalty and to maximize the turnover.


The operation proceedings


  1. Distribute your 100% winning gift cards (offer limited to a code per person and by home).
  2. The consumer scratches his card and discovers his promotional code
  3. He downloads then the Boogybook application on the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android)
  4. He selects his photos directly on his mobile and created his book photo Boogybook
  5. He confirms and enters his promotional code at the time of payment
  6. Boogybook is directly sent free to a consumer (including Shipping costs)



Advantages for your brand :


  • Largest visibility of your brand thanks to the customization of the cover and the front page of the Boogybook.
  • Enrich your CRM thanks to the Opt- In system where you can recover email address’ and phone numbers of your prospects in each registration on the Boogybook’s
  • Additional option of creation of a event website, allowing to spotlight your operation (including in our prices).



But what is the BoogyBook?


Discover without further delay the Boogybook through our video presentation.




Are you interessed ?

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