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7 September 2017


What we propose you:   A customizable gift card in order to your customers discover the Boogybook. Develop a new promotional action, stricking and dematerialized, perfect to increase your sales […]
25 August 2017
Dakota objet publicitaire client entreprise Thermocolor-Card


Thermocolor card : disclose who you are !   Thanks to this new communication medium, hide your message in this Polaroid pictures size ! With this new innovative ink technology […]
10 July 2017


Test the nomadic badges!   The new trend for the back to school 2017: the embroidered stickers badges! These “patches” are repositionnables until 20 times. Personalize and customize your look […]
7 July 2017


The global phenomenon ” Hand Spinner ” have probably not escaped you these last months ! This new game which is all the rage of the young people, in all the playgrounds, streets, public […]
7 July 2017

Smartphone trends

This month, exclusiveness at Dakota, our crushes dedicated to smartphones! These “accessories very in, useful, cheap, in low dimensions, will not leave you any more ! This objects are new […]
7 July 2017

Focus on the connected objects

On April the 5th and 6th took place the Sido, the biggest international showroom dedicated to the connected objects and Internet of things in Lyon. The opportunity for us to […]
15 March 2017

Augmented reality

  Augmented reality (AR) is a technology which allows you to include in the real time information’s (text, video, photo, …) in superimposing at the reality. So, we come “to […]
7 February 2017
Dakota_volvet pen_idée cadeau publicitaire

Velvet pen 3D touch

  A new object that communicates new feelings of softy thanks to his velvet finished in three dimensions! Advantages: The pen is a very generically product; why not to renew […]
5 October 2016
Dakota_cadeau promotionnel_idée cadeau publicitaire_advertising apple and good mood kit

International day of gift

Dakota has created his own day: THE INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE GIFT. Thinking on your customers, the importance of a close relation with tem, or on your friends, neighbors and […]