Detox your ideas!

New year 2016 symbolize detox for us! That’s the reason why we have launched our campaign “Detox your ideas in 2016, think Dakota” which perfectly matches the spirit of this year’s beginning: relax after the holidays, approach life with serenity, eat healthy, take New Year’s resolutions and plan your promotional campaigns

Detox: good for body and mind!

We also wanted to thank our 50 main clients for their trust and loyalty with a personalized gift, to provide them well-being. We wanted to share with you our 2016 promotional gift:

  • A tea cup featuring Dakota’s colors: thanks to a soft touch, a matt finish and an elegant design, this promotional gift following the 2016 trend, testifies both Dakota’s quality and know-how
  • An organic green tea assortment from the brand Clipper proposed in two ranges: a natural organic green tea and a flavored detox organic green tea (elderflower, fennel and citrus).

Happy new year!

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