Our collection for starting the school year

This month, equip yourself correctly for the resumption! For this occasion, Dakota has selected for you, two original and unique objects to inspire you on your next researches of promotional products.


Semi-custom-made, trendy, young product and entirely customizable.

This sneakers can be a VIP present for sports events or competition on your website, Facebook….

A T-shirt with slate printing which will allow you to create relationship with sort of humor during parties, events, street marketing…
With a simple piece of chalk it will become a memory, a picture, a board, and much more than a promotional T-shirt!
Available shoe size: 4,5 (US)/ 3 (UK) at 12(US)/ 11 (UK)

Manufacturing: Italian

Minimum order quantities: 50 pairs of shoes


Color: white

Material: 100% cotton

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