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On April the 5th and 6th took place the Sido, the biggest international showroom dedicated to the connected objects and Internet of things in Lyon.

The opportunity for us to fill up with good ideas, tricks and propose you, your own solutions ioT! *


*ioT: “internet of things” or the internet of objects represents a network of connected objects, which communicate between them in a autonomous way. Connected with internet, these objects allow to recover, to store and to process the data passed on to your customers.
Ex: the connected watches which calculate the number of calories burned on a day and supply you directly on your smartphone, thanks to a dedicated application, your information and a complete report on your physical activity.


In the program:

Sido has could gather 270 professionals of the sector, 200 speakers and 50 conferences on varied subjects as: what is today the reality business on the ioT‘s market? How to lead effectively its ioT transformation? What connectivity for which use or connected project? What regulatory framework and which is the role of the cybersecurity ?



The main point to note :

The ioT is a market:

– In full progress having big future prospects
– Innovative where Start-up are very present and find new uses to move faster
– Paradoxically mature, because objects, networks, platforms and informations already exist for several years
– Contrasted because every country and company progress in different speeds


So, the digital transformation of companies, depend on their capacities to express their values propositions to their customers. In France in 2016 according to IDC, “67 % of the companies of more than 200 people would have tested a project ioT”.
According to Michael Dell’s quotation, founding CEO of the brand DELL: ” Innovate it is simple, what is complicated it is to make of the innovation an operational success. ”

So, what is important in the ioT it is come to transform the company to a concept or ” proof of concept ” becomes a viable and intelligent reality, bringing the sense to the consumers and companies.


Follow the movement thanks to Dakota! Some ideas :





  • Key rings ITag :

Key ring connected via Bluetooth allowing to find quickly the object that you often loose, thanks to the GPS system of fast location.
A simple click will be enough for connecting the iTAG to your mobile. Compatible with iOS and Android. Customizable according to your graphic charter (colors and logo).



Several possible features:

  • Anti-loss device
  • Alarm
  • Geolocalisation
  • Initiating of the ringtone of your telephone
  • Initiating of your mobile camera remotely
  • Recorder of voices


Possible variations:

– Like a pendant to hang on the necklaces of your pets and follow their trips and positions

– On your keys, bags… to never lose them anymore

– To leave in your car and find her quickly









  • Connected bracelet for child

This bracelet anti-removal is perfect to insure the optimal safety of your children. A reliable tool which allows to protect them from the drowning, the roads and the fastroad.
Connected with a case which you keep on you, this bracelet allows you to set your maximal safe distance (up to 15 meters). If the child crosses this maximal zone, you will be directly alerted by an alarm and the vibration of your case. The system of GPS will allow you to locate and to find him very fast.


 Technical informations :

  • This bracelet has a feature of optimal safety, preventing the child to tear it off him thanks to a bolt function
  • Double functions : search and alerts removal
  • Can be hung on : bracelet, suitcase, necklace …
  • Guaranteed 2 years








  • Connected scales

Check your weight, BIM, body fat, body muscle, bone mass …
A complete system to follow your health and physical activity day after day!
Clear graphs which show your progression over several periods. This connected scale is connected with the application YUNMAI Expert which records and tracks in real time the data of your weight, BIM… And supplies reports of health and recommendations.







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