Dakota cadeaux publicitaires originaux objets publicitaires_objet publicitaire Lyon étude de cas Danone deguisement
22 April 2016
Dakota idée cadeaux publicitaires personnalisés objets publicitaires objet publicitaire Lyon etude de cas francine_goodies publicitaire
22 April 2016
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Dakota idée cadeau publicitaire objets publicitaires objet publicitaire Lyon etude de cas flikflak serviettes
  • TaskLigne de cadeaux promotionnels pour la Boutique Felix


Promotional product: beach towels


• Creating 3 beach towels inspired by the 3 Flik Flak watches’ design including the Warner heroes: SUPER GIRL, BATGIRL and the LOONEY TUNES


• Complying with the Warner Bros design and graphic charters.
• Reproducing complex licensed decorations (21 colors to reproduce)
• Complying with the SWATCH Group’s international standards
• Delivering rolled towels to match the brand’s selling format

Dakota’s strategy & actions:

• Terry beach towels with velvet finish
• Printing with reactive ink in 13 colors
• to place the watch on it
• OEKOTEX certified factory
• A real technical performance