Nouvelle création, salon professionnel, évolution de la législation… Dakota vous informe sur les actualités et dernières innovations en matière d’objet promotionnel.

12 February 2016
Dakota cadeau publicitaire animaux objets publicitaires Lyon ACTUALITES ST FELIX Balles

Felix’s Day 2016!

This year again Dakota had the privilege to work on the Felix’s Day for the seventeenth year in a row What is Felix’s Day? This day, which is a major […]
1 January 2016
Dakota cadeau publicitaire écologique objets publicitaires Lyon_ACTUALITES detox

Detox your ideas!

New year 2016 symbolize detox for us! That’s the reason why we have launched our campaign “Detox your ideas in 2016, think Dakota” which perfectly matches the spirit of this […]
1 July 2015
Dakota cadeaux publicitaires originaux objets publicitaires objet publicitaire Lyon_ACTUALITES NFC

New technology: NFC system

DAKOTA is launching for Summer 2015 a huge operation around connected promotional gifts, integrating the revolutionary NFC system! What is NFC ? NFC is a contactless new technology, thanks to immediate […]